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The Enrollment Lottery is now completed.
 We are continuing to accept Letters of Intent for all grades,
  and children will be added to wait lists, first come, first served.
Please visit the Enrollment Process page for more information.
Mock Trial
Instructor: Ms. Harder, Ms. Kane, Ms. Morris   
Updated Schedule Information
Hello Parents!
Update to tomorrow's schedule: Students will be excused after lunch for both 5th and 6th hours. They may get changed into their trial clothes and can have some time to work off the pre-trial jitters! Also please plan for your students to be at the courthouse by 2:00 PM instead of 2:15.
Thank you so much for your support!
Regional Tournament
Hello Parents!
It's finally here! After months of preparation, our Mock Trial team is headed to Regionals tomorrow!
Here are the details for tomorrow: We will be dismissed from school at 1:35 PM, so that team members can get changed into their trial clothes before arriving at the courthouse. Please plan to arrive at the courthouse no later than 2:15 PM, so that teams can meet Ms. Kane and Ms. Morris in the lobby to review their courtroom assignments. We are expected to be in our courtrooms by 2:30. The trial will start at 3:00.
Our team numbers: Team 1 is #13, Team 2 is #14. As of right now, Defense is scheduled to present on Friday, however, the Plaintiff side needs to be present as well. Parking enforcement will be ticketing, so please remember to feed your meter or park in one of the available garages.

Spectators are welcome and greatly appreciated! If you are bringing siblings from school, please make sure that they change out of their uniforms, as it is very important that nothing in the courtroom indicates a school affiliation! This includes any sweaters/fleeces, spirit wear or stickers on water bottles, etc.

If you are interested in reading the rules, you can find the complete rules here: http://www.coloradohighschoolmocktrial.com/portals/15/repository/2016Rules.pdf
Thank you so much for your support of our Mock Trial program!
Team 2 Scrimmage
Hello Parents!
Team 2 will have a scrimmage this Saturday January 28th from 9 AM until 12:15 PM in the Annex at the East Library. Unfortunately, the space does not allow for spectators, but we hope that you can join us for the Regional Tournament next Friday and Saturday!
Jan 24th
Hello Parents!

Our regional competition is coming up! The tournament organizers are sending out detailed information later this week but here is what we know so far. The competition begins in the afternoon on Friday, Feb 3rd. The students will be dismissed early from school that day. Competition continues all day on Saturday and winners are announced in the evening. The MacLaren teams traditionally have lunch at the West Coast Deli on Tejon on Saturday and that lunch is coordinated through the school. After the winners are announced in the evening, there is often lots to process and discuss and celebrate and mourn and rehash. I think Josh&John's Ice Cream on Pikes Peak Ave might be a good venue for these conversations. Some teams that are advancing to the State Competition have an additional trial on the afternoon of Tuesday 7th. We won't know if MacLaren is competing in those trials until Saturday afternoon.
I'll be in touch as we know more.
Many thanks,
Ms. Kane
Team 1 Scrimmage 12/13
Hello Mock Trial Parents,
It has been a pleasure to work with your children this Mock Trial season! Our first scrimmage is this Tuesday, December 13th from 3:45 to 6pm. We can't stay that late at school so we have reserved a room at the East Library. Please note that it is East Library, not 21c which I had discussed with the students last week. 21c didn't have a free room for us at that time.
The address for East Library is 5550 N Union Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918. Please let me know if you have any concerns about transportation or any questions. This will be a scrimmage of Team 1 competing against itself. Team 2 students do not need to attend, but will have practice at school as usual.
Many thanks!
Ms. Kane
We finally have a date for Regionals!

Mark your calendars! The 2017 Southern Colorado High School Mock Trial will take place on Friday February 3rd, Saturday February 4th and Tuesday February 7th, 2017.
Mock trial Case Released
The teams have been selected and many, many thanks to all of those who tried out for a spot on one of our teams. Today the case was released by the Colorado Bar Association. While on its face it appears to be a criminal trial, it is actually a civil trial for product liability/wrongful death. The State of the Case is below. We have a lot of hard work ahead of us and we're roaring to go!

On May 28, 2016, five year old Marley Roberts jumped or fell from a fourth-floorwindow of her residence aftereating several marijuana edibles packaged like candy. Shedied from her injuries three days later. Atthe time of the incident, the Plaintiff, KyleRoberts, had ingested a marijuana edible that had been individually wrapped and thatKyle Roberts purportedly believed contained 10mg of THC but which actually containedthree times that amount. As a result of ingesting three times the normal maximum dose ofTHC, Kyle Roberts claims to have been dazed and disoriented, and unable to properlywatch over Marley Roberts.
The Plaintiff, Kyle Roberts, is pursuing a single claim for wrongful death, basedon the assertion that the Defendant, Productions of THC, Inc., a/k/a POT, Inc., wasnegligent in failing to exercise reasonablecare to prevent the marijuana edibles fromcreating an unreasonable risk of harm to individuals who might reasonably be expected toconsume the marijuana edibles and that the improper packagingand labeling of the marijuana edibles resulted in the death of the Plaintiff’s daughter,Marley. The Plaintiffseeks noneconomic damages for loss of filial consortium, emotional distress, mentaldistress, mental anguish/suffering, and loss of ability to enjoy life.

The Defendant admits that it manufacturedthe marijuana edibles at issuein this case but denies that the packaging or labeling was improper and denies that the packagingor labeling caused the death of MarleyRoberts. The Defendant has asserted theaffirmative defenses of comparative fault, contributory negligence, and failure tomitigate. The Defendant also disputes the amount of the Plaintiff’s claimed damages.
Teams posted Ocgtober 31 by Room 104
Tryouts are finished and we enjoyed watching the talent of potential witnesses and attorneys for our trials this year. The decision-making process is tough, but we will have chosen 12 attorneys and 12 witnesses to represent Thomas MacLaren during competition. The teams (#1 and #2) will be posted in the hallway outside of Room 104 on Monday after school. Thanks for your interest in Mock Trial and now the work begins!

Melinda Harder
Laura Kane
Jennie Morris
Judge Richard Hall
We will be conducting tryouts for the spots on the MacLaren Mock Trial teams during the month of October. Please join us and be part of this exciting opportunity!
Information Meeting October 4 at 3:40
Hello everyone and welcome! The information meeting will be Oct 4th after school from 3:40 to 4:10. There will a lot of material presented so please plan to be there if you are interested. For returning team members, the scoring sheets from last year will be available for you to see.

We will have tryouts for the positions of attorneys and witnesses on Tuesdays throughout the month of October. MacLaren has two teams (#1 and #2) and has need of timekeepers since our veteran timekeeper Alex Bufmack graduated last year. Responsibilities for all positions will be discussed at our next meeting on October 11th.

The case will be released on November 1 and there will be practice every Tuesday from 3:35 - 4:45 this semester. Practices will be TWICE a week beginning the second semester until competition in February.

Join us!

Ms. Harder
Ms. Kane
How to introduce exhibits by Judge Hall
Steps for introducing an exhibit, and the reasons therefore--

1-Show the exhibit to opposing counsel, and state “May the record reflect that I am showing Exhibit ___ to opposing counsel.”
Reason: This is a matter of professional courtesy. You want to let the opposing attorney know what you are about to do. Don’t just wave it under her/his nose – hold it politely for her/him to look at. If you don’t do this, the opposing attorney will pop up and object – “Your honor, may I ask that opposing counsel show me first what exhibit he/she is dealing with.”

2-Ask permission from the Judge to approach the witness with the exhibit. “Your honor, may I approach the witness with Exhibit ___ ?”

Reason: Generally speaking, you may not walk around the courtroom without getting the Judge’s permission. This is to avoid situations where you are “standing over” someone to gain a psychological advantage, where you are standing up close to the other person (“invading their space”), and they are sitting down. This is even if it is your own witness, and they won’t feel threatened by your presence. If you don’t ask, the Judge may think that you are ignoring a standard courtroom protocol, and grade you down for it.

3- Show the exhibit to the witness, and have them “identify” it. “Witness so-and-so, would you identify this exhibit?” Just, “this is a photo of the room in question”, “this is a diagram of the accident”, etc. – nothing more.

Reason: This is called “laying a foundation” for the next step, which is to admit” the exhibit into evidence. The witness is someone who knows what the exhibit is, and can testify to that much. You may not have the witness say anything about what the exhibit shows, or means, at this point – that is the next step. If the witness starts to talk about the significance of the exhibit before it is admitted, the opposing attorney will pop up and object – “Your honor, the exhibit has not yet been admitted into evidence.”

4- Ask that the exhibit be admitted into evidence. “Your honor, I move (or “ask”) that Exhibit ___ be admitted (or “received”) into evidence.”

Reason: This step comes after the witness identifies the exhibit – says what it is. This is when the opposing attorney can object to the exhibit if he/she has any reason to object. The opposing attorney might also ask permission to “voir dire” the witness (ask the witness a few questions about the exhibit, to see if the witness really knows what it is, where it came from, etc.), in the hopes that the attorney will get an additional reason to object to it.
If the opposing attorney has any objection to the exhibit, you should know that ahead of time, because you have studied the Rules of Evidence ahead of time as they might relate to the exhibit, and you should have your response argument all prepared, including the number of the Rule that you are relying upon.
Generally speaking, all exhibits will be received into evidence if you have followed this procedure correctly.

5- Ask permission to “publish” (“give” – but “publish” is the word to use.) the exhibit to the jurors and judge. “Your honor, may I publish the exhibit to the jurors and to yourself?”

Reason: The jurors and judge will now be curious about the exhibit, and will want to see it. Also, they can then follow along when you go on with the witness’ testimony about the exhibit – “See in the upper-right-hand corner the gun in question”, etc.
You must have 4 copies at this point, plus the one you will be referring to – 1 to leave with the witness, 1 each for each of the jurors, and 1 for the judge. You physically walk over to the jury box, and then up to the Judge’s bench, and give them each a copy. Asking permission to publish the exhibit, and getting the judge’s permission, which the judge will give you if you ask, also serves as getting permission to walk about the courtroom.

This is the correct, and only, way to introduce an exhibit into evidence, and must be done in this sequence, and using the right word for each step. If you do it any other way, the other attorney will object, and you will look foolish and inexperienced, and get graded down for it.
Mock Trial 2015 - 2016
Hello everyone and welcome! We are excited to get our teams going this year. Our information meeting will be September 22nd after school and from Tuesdays forward until competition. We will be holding tryouts until October 13th and we encourage all high school students to come see what we're about. Join us!
+ Hall, Judge Richard
+ Harder, Melinda
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